I had no idea what I got myself into  when the country, whose name I thought was a fruit salad, was going to  be my home for the following 3 months; Skopje, Macedonia. I would have  never foreseen the life-changing experience that was waiting for me. Truly, the best decision I have made in my life.

I did my internship in the Faculty of  Mechanical Engineering in the SS Cyril and Methodius University, I was  in charge of a project that consists in optimizing the parameters of the  3D printer Dimension Elite with the goal of saving support and molding  material. In order to accomplish that, I learnt to use new software,  which allowed me to develop my skills in industrial design and additive  Manufacturing.

My mentors were kind and  professional, they supported me with everything. Workwise, I felt I  didnt lose my time, I was learning something new everyday and developing  skills in a multicultural environment. As a professional I can say this  internship helped me focus toward quality, creativity and efficiency of  my work.

An internship abroad will give you  the chance to travel to new places, make new friends, make new memories  and learn new skills. But it also challenges you; it teaches you first  hand what intercultural communication really is; it will challenge your  mindset and it will help you become more open minded and more culturally aware.

It opened my mind to the notion that  we are all different, we might think differently but that shouldn’t stop  us from getting to know each other. People and places will surprise  you, Skopje for sure did. To see the beauty of humanity. To embrace the  beauty of the world. It gave me a perspective as a part of the world. You’ll have one of the best times of your life. Late night parties, random flings, local tours and what not.

But as cliché as it sounds ‘all good  things must come to an end’. I made some amazing friends and shared some  fantastic experiences with them during 3 months. The 3 months I spent  there as an intern were filled with good times, friendships for life and  new experiences.

So as I said once in a IAESTE meeting, before going to the best local bar; “A journey of a thousand miles start with a single step”,  and I couldn’t be happier mine was Macedonia. So I DARE you to take  that step, sometimes sacrifices are necessary but you will never regret  this decision.

Thank you Skopje, you will always have a special place in my heart.

Eduardo Lerma, Mexico